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Programming helps clients determine the size and type of spaces needed for their projects and businesses. Chelsea can provide information on code/regulatory impact and preliminary ideas for space/activity allocation. This program information can be used to evaluate potential sites and prepare budgets. 

Feasibility studies assess the potential success of a new construction or the renovation/expansion of an existing facility. Chelsea’s services include site evaluation, documention, and study of design-related issues. 

Due diligence inspection of existing properties provides owners, purchasers, and lenders with professional opinions regarding the condition of buildings, site improvements, and other fixed assets. Detailed inspection and documentation of items such as code compliance, structural/envelope integrity, mechanical/electrical equipment performance, and accessibility compliance are critical to establishing the actual value of a property.

Eminent domain and impact studies are services Chelsea can provide to state and county agencies that are involved with the acquisition of private property for expansion of roads and drainage channels. These “cure” design studies with cost estimates are comprehensive, allowing both sides to understand the impact of an acquisition on buildings and site improvements. 

Chelsea provides a wide range of pre-design services to business owners, residential clients, organizations, building owners, property managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, attorneys, and government agencies: any client whose business involves issues related to the design, construction and maintenance of buildings.