Dialysis center - high tech medical centers with complex needs. 
Mini-storage - maximum efficiency of budget and schedule for modular storage unit facility. 
The challenge of minimal square footage - airy new patent office in university's library basement. 
Making an entrance - alterations to office building entry ways and handicapped parking. 
Cool and Uncluttered- Breakroom for legal office fills needs for storage and munching while looking professional 


4900 Woodway

We listen carefully to our clients to create work spaces that are reflections of our client’s corporate vision, balancing user satisfaction and state-of-the-art technology with cost control and energy efficiency. We begin with an in-depth study of your business processes, strategic goals, and market environments, taking in factors such as growth and change, operational innovation, your industry and your challenges. Then we transform these insights into a workspace design with optimum physiological, psychological, and technological benefits.